Sorry, that was just my inner programmer talking…

In plain English… Welcome to “journeys of a gourmand”!

The inspiration for this blog came from Sugared & Spiced (, a lovely restaurant review blog recommended to me by a dear friend who shares my love for great food. As I was reading sugarednspiced’s journey through the myriads of restaurants, pastry shops, and cafés she experienced in Paris, Shanghai, and other cities she traveled to, it occurred to me that I too would like to document my encounters with good food.

The first chapter of my journey will start next month, when I will visit London, Paris, and probably some other cities in Europe. Many of the restaurants I will visit have been on my wish list for ages, and many more, no doubt, I will discover along the way.

But before that, as a sort of prelude if you will, I shall write about some of the most memorable meals I’ve experienced in my hometown of Shanghai and during my travels.

Bon voyage!

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