[Shanghai] Grains


Add: 202 Wu Kang Road, Shanghai 武康路202号
Tel: n/a
Hours: Mon-Thur 8:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sun 8:00am-7:00pm
Price: [coffee] RMB25-50; [pastry] RMB12-35
Visited: February 2016
Will return: Yes

Since Farine was experiencing some problems with their espresso machine and I didn’t get the latte I was looking forward to, I went down the street to Grains, a relatively new café by none other than Franck Pécol, the same person who owns Farine, Franck Bistrot, and Rachel’s. It is next door to WIYF, the ice-cream window with a perpetual line in front, which is also owned by Franck.

Grains uses single origin beans from Ethiopia and Yunnan for their espresso and americano, and a house blend for brewed coffee and espresso-based drinks.

I had the Latte (40) that I wanted at Farine. Smooth and well-rounded. Love!IMG_3882

Gorgeous latte art.IMG_3881

Grains also offers bagels, muffins, granola, and donuts, as well as the three kinds of coffee beans mentioned above.IMG_3885

The decor was clean, sleek, and stylish.IMG_3887IMG_3886

More people enjoying the rare winter warmth from their outdoor seats.IMG_3890

As I said, a perpetual line outside WIYF, which was especially crazy that day because of the unseasonably warm weather. I do love their ice-cream, but 30 minutes standing outside Farine was quite enough waiting in line for one day. And I was looking forward to trying their salted caramel flavor, which wasn’t on the menu that day. Until next time then.IMG_3893


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