[Shanghai] Strictly Cookies

Strictly Cookies

Add: 93-C North Xiang Yang Road, Shanghai 襄阳北路93-C号 (and other locations)
Tel: n/a
Website: strictlycookies.com (delivery available)
Price: [cookies] RMB12-15
Visited: March 2016
Will return: Yes

Strictly Cookies offers some of the best American (read: sugary and fattening) cookies in Shanghai. Mostly delivery based, it has only two stores, which offer a long-standing buy-4-get-1-free promotion. Their cookies can also be found at many cafes around Shanghai.

After a lovely brunch at Le Saleya, I strolled around the corner for a bag of these goodies (45 with promotion).IMG_4001

My absolute favorite was The Unifier, a.k.a. chocolate chip cookie meets brownie. Intensely chocolaty with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth brownie texture. Yum!IMG_4088

Another love was the Peanut Butter Bang. Soft and peanut-y, it packed some serious bang indeed.IMG_4120

More traditional was the Oatmeal Raisin the Roof, which was super moist and chewy and had a very pronounced cinnamon flavor.IMG_4097

The Strictly Chocolate Chip didn’t leave much of an impression. It was a very decent chocolate chip cookie, but it paled in comparison to the three cookies above.IMG_4123

I especially looked forward to the Red Velvet, which was a monthly special so popular that they promoted it to a regular flavor. The texture was indeed very cake-like, but the flavor was like a chocolate chip cookie with a funny-tasting red dough. I actually thought it was more chocolaty than the chocolate chip. It tasted nothing like a red velvet cake, but it was interesting enough that I’ll probably get it again.IMG_4092

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