[Shanghai] WIYF Ice Cream


Add: 202 Wu Kang Road, Shanghai 武康路202号
Tel: n/a
Hours: Mon-Thur 8:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sun 8:00am-7:00pm
Price: [single scoop] RMB20; [double scoops] RMB30
Visited: March 2016
Will return: Yes

Last time I went to Grains, the line outside WIYF (“What Is Your Flavor”) looked like this.IMG_3893

So when I passed WIYF on a Thursday afternoon and discovered only three people waiting outside this ice-cream window, of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

The price at WIYF is quite reasonable: two scoops will set you back RMB30. Their flavors change from day to day. On the day of my visit, they were serving Dark Chocolate and Almonds, Apple Tatin, Salted Caramel, and Raspberry Sorbet with Balsamic Vinegar.

I loved the Salted Caramel, which was sprinkled with salt before being served. The saltiness hit the palette first, followed by the nutty richness of the caramel. The Apple Tatin didn’t really taste of apples, but it did have a lovely vanilla flavor. Overall, their ice-cream is definitely on the sweet side, so I wouldn’t try to finish two scoops on my own.IMG_4328

Good ice-cream? Sure. Wait-in-line-for-half-an-hour ice-cream? No.IMG_0299 copy

On another note, Franck Pécol opened a new crêperie called Far-West this month, just behind Grains/WIYF. They’re still in soft opening and are only open Friday to Sunday, so I missed them since I went on a Thursday 😦 I’ll see if I can go this weekend.

Update: I have since visited Far-West Galettes & Crêpes and it was amazing. Read my review here.


      1. WIYF is also owned by Franck Pécol. It essentially occupies the same space as Grains. You’ll notice that WIYF employees walk in and out of their shop via a door inside Grains.


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