[Shanghai] Botanist


Add: 17-2 North Xiang Yang Road, Shanghai 襄阳北路17-2号
Tel: +86 6433 0538
Hours: 7:00pm-2:00am
Price: [cocktail] RMB85-95; [food] RMB35-150
Visited: July 2016
Will return: Yes

The much-acclaimed speakeasy Flask – which, in case you’ve forgotten, was hidden behind a coca-cola vending machine on South Shan Xi road – was closed earlier this year due to land issues along with most other shops on the street. But Flask fans, rejoice! For the same amazing team has brought us a new bar called Botanist, which, unlike all the secrecy with Flask, sits in plain view on North Xiang Yang road.

IMG_5387 copy

True to its name, Botanist is decked out with greenery all around, just enough to enliven the space without feeling overwhelming.IMG_5391 copy

The green herb walls are not just for show, either. As their menu briefly explains, Botanist is built around a “Farm to Bar” concept. Their concoctions feature plants and herbs heavily, all of which are carefully sourced from local markets and vendors, as wells as their own vertical farm.IMG_5398 copy

See their talented mixologists at work in dapper white vests.IMG_5403 copy

The menu is divided into four categories: Seasonal, Refreshing, Classics, and Spirit Forward, with four drinks under each category. Also available are cocktails for sharing as well as a few mocktails. All the drinks at Botanist are numbered but not named.IMG_5412 copy

From seasonal, we tried cocktail #02 (85), made with fresh passion fruit, sage-infused wine, thyme syrup, mint, and tea liqueur, which turned out to be my favorite drink of the evening. It had a lovely balance between sweetness and tartness, made interesting by a hint of thyme peaking through. It was served with a halved passion fruit so you can season the drink to taste.
Recommend: definitelyIMG_5432 copy

Next up was cocktail #21 (85) from the “classics” section, with fresh grapefruit juice, rose tea, lavender bitters, edible flowers, Prucia plum liqueur, and Aperol. The predominant notes here were grapefruit and rose, with a subtle astringent feel from the lavender bitters. The bouquet presentation was playful and very pretty, and the drink did indeed taste quite flowery.
Recommend: yesIMG_5426 copyIMG_5428 copy

Finally, cocktail #33 (95) from spirit forward, made with fresh thyme, pear liqueur, rose water, Martin Miller’s gin, and white wine vinegar. The lightbulb presentation was undoubtedly eye-catching, but its innocent appearance belied its potency. As the section name suggests, this drink was very strong, so much so that we weren’t able to finish it. But I did enjoy the consistent undertone of lychee and herbs.
Recommend: yesIMG_5419 copy

An unexpected highlight of the evening was the Multi-Spiced Marinated Fried Chicken (75). Crispy, tender, succulent, and flavorsome with a hint of spice, this was quite possibly one of the best fried chickens I’ve had recently.
Recommend: yesIMG_5457 copy

Overall, the drinks at Botanists lean towards the sweet side. However, they are just as delicious and beautiful as they made them at Flask, but while the herbal theme running through made the menu more interesting. The same team has opened a new bar in Xintiandi just a few days ago called The Bunker, which – as you might have guessed – has a military theme. Can’t wait to pay them a visit.

IMG_5389 copy


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