[Shanghai] Oh My Burger

Oh My Burger

Add: 691 Jianguo Xi Road 建国西路691号
Tel: +86 158-2188-0569
Hours: 11am-10pm
Price: [burger] 65-80; [burger set] 85-95
Visited: September 2017
Will return: Yes

Please note that this was an arranged tasting.

When Oh My Burger first opened its sliding glass door on Jian Guo Road earlier this year, it claimed a spot on our radar with its ramen burger. While that might not be the most innovative idea, Oh My Burger has continued to roll out new burgers over the last few months, attesting to the restaurant’s creativity.


But first, let’s talk about that ramen burger. Debuted in New York in 2013, this creation swiftly rose to Instagram fame. The West Coast caught on quickly, followed by Canada and Australia. It has taken the trend quite a bit longer to wash up the coasts across the Pacific, and newer fads have long since taken its place in New York, but better late than never.

IMG_8652-EditRamen burger (70)

The star of the ramen burger is, of course, the ramen noodle “bun”. Oh My Burger’s rendition is lightly fried, giving it a nice color and crunch on the outside, while retaining a soft, slightly chewy center. Sandwiched in between is a juicy, flavorful beef patty, with a flicker of Sriracha held in check by a creamy over-easy egg and a slice of cheddar.

IMG_8654-EditRamen burger (70)

Aside from the ramen burger, Oh My Burger has come up with seven other burger creations, each with their own delicious twist. Take the Ciao Bello, which replaces the ramen bun with spaghetti bound with marinara. The spaghetti buns could use more seasoning, but the flavors between them truly shine, with the beef patty topped with creamy mozzarella, refreshing zucchini, vibrant gremolata, as well as fatty, salty streaks of pancetta.

IMG_8671-EditCiao Bello (70)

The unanimous favorite of the evening was the donut burger, a sweet and salty bomb of thin, slightly crispy patties, super crispy bacon, and sweet, soft donuts dusted with icing sugar. This one has indulgence – and calories – written in bold letters all over it.

IMG_8685-EditIMG_8683-EditDonut burger (80)

A soft-shell crab burger may sound like a lighter choice (it’s seafood), and the crab itself is, fried just enough to give the outside a satisfying crunch, staying well clear of the greasiness that plagues many fried soft-shell crab creations. But then the chefs top the crab with caramelized onion and fried chicken skin, and cushions it with a slab of fried mozzarella.

IMG_8698-EditIMG_8704-EditSoft-shell crab (70)

We had to pull the burger over our heads before the cheese finally broke.

IMG_8702-EditSoft-shell crab (70)

The Ciao Bello and the donut burger are both new to the menu, while the soft-shell crab is on for a limited time only. But the veterans on the menu also fare well, like the Bao 2.0, which features a liberally spiced piece of fried chicken in between wheat mantou, galvanized by a few slices of pickle.

IMG_8658-EditBao 2.0 (70)

The vegan burger is surprisingly satisfying, with layers of quinoa patty, avocado, and tomato packed between thick, meaty portobello mushrooms that burst with juices and flavor. Other non-beef burgers include the moist and flavorsome shredded pork patty paved with Pringles, as well as a salmon burger heaped with avocado and a handful of salmon roes.

IMG_8679-EditVegan only (65)

IMG_8708-EditShredded pork (65)

IMG_8677-EditAvocado fish (70)

What are burgers without fries? Not one to keep things simple, Oh My Burger offers four different kinds of fries: cajun-spiced potato wedges, ultra-crisp skinny fries, regular fries fried in duck fat, and the new avocado fries. There is clearly some talent at the fry station, because all of these are perfect in texture.

IMG_8664-EditFries combo (50)

Oh My Burger continues to impress with its creativity, rolling out new burgers faster than we can try them. So before you roll your eyes and dismiss the restaurant because ramen burger sounds a bit 2013, try one of its original creations, and then decide if Oh My Burger is passé.


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