[Tokyo] Abysse

There are probably few other restaurants in the world that dedicate their attention as unwaveringly to seafood as chef Kotaro Meguro’s Abysse in Tokyo. The 30-year-old chef forgoes meat dishes entirely on his menu, turning an unwavering focus to the fruits of the ocean.

[Tokyo] Florilège

Over the course of an evening at Florilège, I witnessed a truly fearsome combination in Chef Kawate’s cooking: a clear and precise vision of what each of his plates is meant to evoke in us, an astute understanding of what flavors to call upon to evoke those feelings, and the impeccable skills to make each of those flavors do exactly what he tells them.

[Tokyo] Sushi Tokami 鮨とかみ

Despite a few hiccups during appetizers, my meal at Sushi Tokami was a solid one. The signature tuna hand roll was indeed spectacular. Chef Sato was very welcoming and quite chatty – in a good way – which is not so easy to find in Japan if you don’t speak Japanese.

[Tokyo] L’Effervescence

With his Japanese heritage and European training, Chef Namae manages to strike a balance between French flair and Japanese simplicity. His unassuming restaurant tucked in a quite alley in Nishi-Azabu pays homage to both the traditions and techniques of French cuisine, and the spirit of Japanese cuisine that allows the natural flavors of ingredients to speak for themselves.