[Shanghai] Shanghai’s First Michelin Guide is Here!

Ever since Michelin announced in May that Shanghai will get its first Michelin guide this fall, the Shanghai food scene has been waiting with bated breath. The suspense is finally over, as Michelin released the guide this morning.

Without further ado, I present to you Shanghai’s newly-starred restaurants.

Three Stars (1 restaurant)

T’ang Court at The Langham Hotel 朗廷酒店唐阁

Two Stars (7 restaurants)

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana
L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
Canton 8 喜粤8号
Yi Long Court at The Peninsula Hotel 半岛酒店逸龙阁
Yongfoo Elite 雍福会
Imperial Treasure 御宝轩

One Star (18 restaurants)

Sir Elly’s at The Peninsula Hotel
Da Dong 大董 (iAPM)
Da Dong 大董海参店 (Park Place)
Madam Goose 鹅夫人
Phénix at The PuLi Hotel
Fu He Hui 福和慧  (review coming soon)
The Seventh Son 家全七福
Jin Xuan 金轩
Kanpai Classic 老干杯
Lao Zheng Xing 老正兴
Lei Garden 利苑 (iAPM)
Lei Garden 利苑 (IFC)
Shang High 迷上海
Le Patio et La Famille 南麓·浙里
Jade Mansion 苏浙总会
Taian Table
Xin Rong Ji 新荣记(上海广场)
Yong Yi Ting at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel 东方文华酒店雍颐庭

Bib Gourmand (25 restaurants)

A Niang Mian 阿娘面
Alma by DN
Crystal Jade 翡翠酒家 (Xintiandi)
Da Hu Chun 大壶春 (Si Chuan Road)
Din Tai Fung 鼎泰丰 (Shanghai Centre)
East Eatery
Four Seasons
Gong De Lin 功德林 (West Nan Jing Road)
Hai Jin Zi 海金滋 (Jin Xian Road)
Han Mama 韩妈妈
Jardin de Jade 苏浙汇 (Chuang Xin Finance Center)
Jesse 吉士
King Kong Dumpling & Noodles 金刚馄饨还有面 (Meng Zi Road)
Lan Ting 兰亭
Lan Xin 兰心
Lu Bo Lang 绿波廊
Mao Long 茂隆
Mi Thai
Nanxiang Steamed Bun 南翔馒头店 (Cheng Huang Miao)
Tasty Congee & Noodle Wonton Shop 正斗粥面专家
Wujie 大蔬无界 (SWFC)
Wujie 大蔬无界 (The Bund)
Wujie 大蔬无界 (Xujiahui Park)
Yangzhou Fan Dian 扬州饭店 (Fu Jian Zhong Road)
Ye Olde Station 上海老站

The Michelin Guide Shanghai leans decidedly towards Chinese cuisine – Cantonese cuisine in particular. While I appreciate the attempt to showcase more local cuisines in Mainland China’s first guide, a little more variety wouldn’t have hurt, seeing as Shanghai is a diverse city with an equally diverse food scene. Indeed, a few more foreign cuisines here and there would have made the guide more balanced in my opinion.

Another thing I noticed is that Jean-Georges is missing from the list. Personally, I have been consistently impressed by Jean-Georges, and I think it is at least as good as the one-starred Phénix at The PuLi Hotel (which is also an excellent restaurant).

Nonetheless, this is certainly an exciting day for Shanghai’s chefs, restauranteurs and foodies alike. A big congrats to all the winning restaurants!


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