[Hong Kong] Amber

Sitting in the dining room with all its careful luxuries perched six floors above Central, economy might be a difficult outfit to imagine Amber wearing. But if any restaurant knows what that word means when it comes to deciding what goes onto the plate and what stays off, it’s Amber.

[Shanghai] Phénix

My recent experience at Phénix felt like a roller coaster ride, with exhilarating highs interspersed with depressing glitches. Still, a few of the dishes were compelling enough to go back for.

[Shanghai] Bo Shanghai

Bo Shanghai’s techniques are very far from Chinese cooking, but the food is noticeably inspired by the flavors and traditions of China. Their creations often take the spirit of China’s regional cuisines and come up with an entirely reimagined rendition, keeping me on my toes with a sense of discovery, but, at the same time, comforting with its familiarity.