[Shanghai] Bird + Bitter

When we struggle to define exactly what kind of food a restaurant serves, words like “global” and “fusion” often get thrown about. The former would be accurate in the case of Bird; the latter would not. In fact, much of Bird’s draw is the free-spirited effortlessness that often makes up the line between the two.

[Shanghai] Daliah

A recently revamped menu has brought this Austrian restaurant back on our radar. While not strictly Austrian, the food certainly has character, as well as a charming, devil-may-care absence of self-consciousness that puts homey comforts alongside daring flavors, time-honored classics next to quirky reinventions – all offered at incredibly affordable prices.

[Shanghai] Daimon Gastrolounge

Daimon Gastrolounge has something any number of fusion restaurants don’t: the sensibility of chefs who truly understand the cuisines they are trying to merge. The food is firmly grounded in Cantonese and Shanghainese classics, inflected with just enough twists and turns to hold our attention.