[Shanghai] Mr & Mrs Bund – New Menu, Same Timeless Indulgence

Over the past decade, Mr & Mrs Bund has set the bar very high for itself indeed, using a deft but discreet hand to update traditional French brasserie fare. The newly revamped menu exudes the same sort of timeless and impeccable indulgence that has always distinguished the cooking here. The kitchen doesn’t color far outside the lines, but the executions aren’t just thrillingly on point; they have an uncommon ability of being both evocative and precise in the same breath.

[Shanghai] Heritage by Madison – Slowly Coming into Its Own

It might have taken a few months for Heritage by Madison to settle, but when it did, it settled beautifully. Through half a dozen visits in as many months, I have witnessed a restaurant slowly come into its own. Mr. Austin Hu brings together a loose patchwork of curious-minded ideas, united by a gentle Asian bent and an unbridled spirit.

[Shanghai] Table d’Hôte at Mr & Mrs Bund – Breaking Bread with Strangers

On paper, Table d’Hôte, Mr & Mrs Bund’s new “social table” concept, sounds a little like those supper clubs that have been picking up steam over the past few years. Yet our evening flowed on with less self-consciousness than supper clubs often carried. Everything felt so nonchalant and familiar that when our hosts, at one point, described it as “grandmother’s table,” it didn’t feel far off the mark — that is, if our grandmothers could manage the level of exquisite precision that Mr. Paul Pairet’s kitchen turns out on a daily basis.

[Shanghai] Daimon Gastrolounge

Daimon Gastrolounge has something any number of fusion restaurants don’t: the sensibility of chefs who truly understand the cuisines they are trying to merge. The food is firmly grounded in Cantonese and Shanghainese classics, inflected with just enough twists and turns to hold our attention.

[Shanghai] Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen

A veteran on the Bund of 10 years, Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen is known not just for their extensive wine cellar, but also for their stellar wine-focused cuisine. Chef Francisco Araya uses seasonal ingredients to create elegant and compelling dishes, and manages to give pleasure without going out of his way to please.

[Shanghai] Chop Chop Club

From a certain angle, the Chop Chop Club can feel somewhat old-fashioned. And yet, nothing here tastes old. Everything that comes out of the kitchen dances across the taste buds with vigor and liveliness, the flavors uncomplicated and remarkably easy to love. There is nothing fancy or terribly intricate about the cooking here, only a heady, engaging combination of energy, heartiness, and unabashed indulgence, livened up with a touch of Paul Pairet’s whimsical imagination.

[Shanghai] Capo at Rockbund

In a breath of fresh air for Shanghai’s Italian dining scene, Capo at Rockbund offers a modern take on classic Italian fare, an exciting array of invigoratingly modernized dishes born from traditional Italian classics.