[Shanghai] Pass Residence – Pasta, Pizza & Natural Wine

This latest project by the OHA Group is one of those rare places where food, wine, and space are all entirely comfortable with one another. You can spend a whole evening wandering through Mr. Mimmo Zhou’s adventurous wine list, comprised exclusively of natural wines. The menu, on the other hand, holds our attention in an entirely different way. Mr. Blake Thornley seems to take his cues from the easygoing Italian osteria, whipping up honest, unfussy starters, gently smoky wood-fired pizzas, and some of the most engaging pastas I have encountered in Shanghai.

[Shanghai] Polux by Paul Pairet

At first glance, Polux’s menu might seem somewhat pedestrian for Mr. Paul Pairet, who is probably best known for his accolade-studded, avant-garde restaurant Ultraviolet. But this repertoire of simple Gallic comfort food is expressed in a strong typeface and the occasional exclamation point. Even the simplest things manage to surprise, perfect in a way that we no longer expect, reminding us all the more emphatically what a formidable team occupies the kitchen.

[Shanghai] Épicerie & Caviste 62 Le Bec

Even though it is barely two months old, Épicerie 62 already has the air of a neighborhood establishment that has stood for decades, where it feels as if nothing changes but the day of the week, the constancy its own brand of excitement. It has built a narrative that weaves itself into our Paris daydreams, a way for us to feel Parisian at every moment of the day. That, more than anything else, is why I will be going back time and again.

[Bangkok] Roast

Arguably one of Bangkok’s hottest brunch spots, Roast hits all the right spots with its subtle but uncomplicated flavors and the relaxed but lively vibe, making it a perfect destination for whiling away a casual weekend afternoon.

[Shanghai] Brut Cake Café

Brut Cake Café is a charming, light-filled space sitting on a quiet intersection on Yu Yuan Road, offering a fantastic menu and a warm, inviting ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a delicious brunch with friends, a quick solo meal, or just a good cup of coffee and a quiet place to work, Brut Cake Café will deliver.