[Bangkok] Roast

Arguably one of Bangkok’s hottest brunch spots, Roast hits all the right spots with its subtle but uncomplicated flavors and the relaxed but lively vibe, making it a perfect destination for whiling away a casual weekend afternoon.

[Shanghai] seul & SEUL

seul&SEUL delivers a tasting menu format at a relatively friendly price, but with more ceremony than quality. Whether we are willing to pay for that format, or prefer places that sit in the same price range but offer higher standards with less ceremony – that is a decision each of us will make for ourselves.

[Shanghai] Taian Table – An Interview with the Chefs

Located at a quiet, secluded address that is only disclosed upon reservation, Taian Table is one of Shanghai’s hottest restaurants, with a Michelin star under its belt less than 6 months after it served up its first dish. As the restaurant comes upon its tenth menu, I spoke with Stefan and Jeno about what the restaurant means to them, their journey over the past year, and their views on Shanghai’s dining scene.

[Shanghai] Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen

A veteran on the Bund of 10 years, Napa Wine Bar and Kitchen is known not just for their extensive wine cellar, but also for their stellar wine-focused cuisine. Chef Francisco Araya uses seasonal ingredients to create elegant and compelling dishes, and manages to give pleasure without going out of his way to please.

[Bangkok] Soei ร้านเส่ย

Tucked away in an old residential neighborhood in Phaya Thai, Soei is definitely not something tourists would stumble upon. Yet the restaurant drew unanimous praise from all my food blogger friends as somewhere to experience local, authentic Thai food.

[Bangkok] Gaa

Directly across the alley from Gaggan, Asia’s best restaurant according to The World’s 50 Best, is Gaa, the latest addition to the Gaggan empire. 29-year-old chef Garima Arora, a former Gaggan sous-chef and Noma alumni, manages to make Gaa her own with what she calls “eclectic cuisine”, using global techniques to prepare locally sourced ingredients.

[Bangkok] Paste

Located in Gaysorn Village in the busy shopping district of Ratchaprasong, Paste serves modern Thai food based upon traditional recipes from the length and breadth of Thailand.

[Shanghai] Phénix

My recent experience at Phénix felt like a roller coaster ride, with exhilarating highs interspersed with depressing glitches. Still, a few of the dishes were compelling enough to go back for.